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Hi fellow PCV Readers! Like some of the authors here, it’s my first time writing (or sharing) my experience so I apologize in advance if the writing style sucks hahaha. I’ve known this site for quite a long time and I’ve read some excellent stories here, too. Anyway, I don’t mean to compete with them naman since what I’m about to divulge here might not be too interesting like the other stories posted here. I’ll try my best to make it palatable, though.

I’m Ram (an overused name, I believe) from Cebu, 19 years of age. I have to admit, I’m not gym fit, not even slim. I’m short, barely reached 5 ft., I guess. I have chinky eyes and a hairy body. Generally, I wouldn’t consider myself attractive.

Since I was a kid, I would never consider myself as gay, even when guys turned me on more frequently than girls. To be honest, I don’t want to label my gender identity. But if it’s either male or female, then I would put myself in the former. I decided not to tell anyone about this since I couldn’t even figure it out myself. It’s just that my heart beats for the girls, but the thing between my legs; it beats for both genders.

So much about my preferences, I’ve opened my eyes to this world because I’m a teenager, and teenage is when we are the most adventurous and daring and all other words synonymous to reckless. Before, I was contented with watching m2m videos and pictures on the internet, and as I grew older, I wanted to know how it feels – to be under another guy and be intimate with him. But I was and am always hesitant and afraid, so I chose not to act on those urges… yet.

It all started when I created a WeChat account. It was supposed to be innocent and all, but because of its People Nearby function, shit got weird. People would say “hi” to you and add you, some want to be friends, some want more. But then, I have my biases, so I would just entertain those I find interesting.

Soon, a guy named Andrew began chatting with me. He began putting kinky ideas in my mind; dickpics, cam sex, those kinds of ideas. At first, I was afraid to try, but the call of flesh was too strong, not to mention the raging hormones of teenage. So I did anything he wanted me to and I liked them, nevertheless.

Finally, he decided we should meet up and consummate our conversations, to which I hesitantly agreed to. But then, he had to leave for the States and I was left hanging and wanting more, we also stopped chatting then. Since I learned I could do a lot of things other than m2m videos to ease the call of flesh, I became more and more fond of it.

After some time of screwing around online, I found an ad in Facebook that offers gay chat and dating. It got my attention since have been fewer guys to chat to and fool around with on cam. I tried downloading it, but then I didn’t like its contents. I found another app recommendation directed me to another dating app, and there it was, Planet Romeo.

When I first made my account, rambozzz, messages flooded me. Of course I was overwhelmed, so I fooled around with some of their senders online since they were also appealing hahaha. But after some time, fewer messages came, until there were days I’d only receive one every week. It sucked and left me hanging once more. My insatiable thirst wasn’t quenched even after all the dirty things I’ve done. I knew I had to experience what I have been wanting to for a long time already. I had to be daring.
But before I could do anything stupid, one guy sent me a message.

“Happy Chinese New Year” he said. So I replied of course. I’d spare you if the details of the conversation, but it led up to him asking me to be his bottom. We traded pictures and he said he has always wanted to screw a chinito. When I received his pictures, I was amazed by the size of his tool. It looked big, I wasn’t sure if it was true, but I’d find out soon enough. That turned me on so bad. I knew this was my chance, so I agreed.

We arranged to meet up in a pension house near a jeep terminal in Cebu. On my way there, we were texting on what we’d do when I’m finally inside the room with him.I couldn’t help but imagine being screwed by him that my tool tensed up so hard and my precum was all over my underwear. Before we could see each other, he went to check in first since we wanted to make sure nobody suspected us of anything. I followed him to the room afterwards, nervous and horny at the same time.

I knocked and after a few seconds, he opened the door. It wasn’t my first time seeing him since we traded pictures beforehand, but he looked kinda different. I thought he’d be taller and thinner than me. I wasn’t disappointed though.

“Uy, abi nako manginjan ka.” (Hey, I thought you wouldn’t come.) he said

His name is PJ, 29 years old, Moreno, about 3 or 4 inches taller than me. He had a short stubble which I thought was hot and since he was older than me, I found him more appealing, as I said, biases. He gestured me into the room and I followed.

My hands were cold as this was my very first time to meet someone from the internet.

We sat together on the edge of the bed as we talked about each other. He asked me if I was really a virgin, why I wanted to be deflowered, and all other stuff. He also shared about his past experiences with guys and girls and have always stressed the safe sex rule.

When I finally got a bit more comfortable, he asked me to lie down beside him. By the time I did, I was nervous again.

“Bugnawa sa imong kamot uy, atong hawiran bi para mainitan. Sugdan nato inig okay naka.” (Your hands are cold, let me hold it so it will be warmer. Let’s start when you’re okay.)

He held my hands in his for quite a while. When he felt that they were a bit warmer, he slowly drew his face next to mine. He kissed my ears as he squeezed my hands together and I felt the need to tell him that I didn’t know how to kiss.

“Sus, okay ra, chulaon tika hangtod makat-on ka.” (Nah, it’s okay, I’ll kiss you until you learn how to kiss too.)

He moved his lips to my cheek and shifted my face towards his. He started pressing his lips on mine, smooching and smacking on me. When I finally caught up with the pattern, I started following him. Sucking on his upper and lower lip as he did the same to mine. He told me I was a good kisser and a fast learner, which turned me on further.

Slowly, he moved on top of me while still holding my lips in his. He held my hands against the bed as we kissed. Then he slowly moved to my neck. His lips sent chills down my spine, his kisses were so good that I can feel my cock pump another load of precum out of it.

Then he slowly lifted my shirt halfway up.
“Lamia nimo muchula uy.” (You’re such a good kisser.) he said as he looked into me eyes and put his hands on my naked belly. He moved them up to my nipples which he played with.

“Aaah” it felt so good that I let out a gentle moan.

I grabbed his head and kissed him again. Then he took of my shirt completely. He then sucked on my nipples and played his tongue around them.

“Aaaah lamia uy” (Aaaah, that’s so good.) I said

He looked at me and told me to do the same to him. So we rolled and I sat on top of him, took off his shirt and played with his nipples. Then we rolled back and he started kissing my belly button. He unbuttoned my pants and took them off; I did the same to him. Now we’re both in our underwear as we kiss each other. He rubbed his hard cock on mine and moaned. He then asked me if I was ready to be sucked, to which I said yes. So he took of my underwear and stroked my hard cock. He complimented it saying it was kinda huge (not really, just 5 inches). He stroked it and licked the head.


Then he put it inside his mouth, slowly moving his head up and down. His mouth was so warm and tight but it didn’t feel like making me cum. He lied down and asked me to do the same, so I did. By the time I put his cock inside my mouth, I couldn’t get it all in. It was huge, 7 inches or so, I choked frequently. So he asked me to lie on my back after some time.

When I was on my back, he started spreading my legs and licking my asshole. Damn, it was better than I thought. He said it was to prep my hole for penetration, but I could feel his tongue fucking me already, it was heavenly. He kept on eating my asshole as he stroked my cock and played with my nipple with the other hand. He then put one finger inside me slowly. Until there were two fingers, then three fingers. He said I was ready so he asked me to suck him one more time, so did. He then took a condom and wore it.

He slowly adjusted the head of his cock on my asshole. When he moved it inside, I screamed. It hurt and it felt like I was being torn. He kissed my to ease my screams then he proceeded. After many trials, he finally got his cock inside me. I could feel its largeness in my tight ass. As he slowly fucked me, all I could do was scream. He said my screams turned him on. So he kept moving as he held my cock in his hand.

He fucked me slowly, then faster, then even faster.

could say. He kept stroking my cock as he fucked me. Hell, that was so hot.

“Shit huota nimo uy. Lami kayo” (Shit you’re so tight, it feels so good) he said along with some muffled moans as he kissed me.

“Gawsan nako, aah” (I’m cumming) he said soon. Then he took out his cock and stroked in while on top of me.

“AAAAHH AAAHH AHHH” he moaned until he squirted his hot cum on my face.

He asked me to wash my face before proceeding, then I sat on him as I stroked my cock until I came on his chest.

We took a bath together, and separated ways. I lost contact of him since I lost my old mobile number, all the messages in Planet Romeo were also deleted as I haven’t logged in for quite a while after that.

I know it’s bitin, but it’s as far as my creativity takes me. Hope you enjoyed, though. Thanks for your time!
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